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Done before Thanksgiving!!

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Christmas shopping is DONE! I ordered the last 'big' Christmas gift five minutes ago, a play tent for my niece. My husband is accepting an IOU for his gift since he wants an iPad and wants to wait to see what the new ones look like in late January/early February, which is when his birthday is anyway, and I've gotten all but the Christmas ornament stocking stuffers for my kids, and I know what I want to get and they're at Hallmark, which is two minutes away from my house in a never-busy strip mall. *squeal of happiness*


I've made all the presents for family (except the bread), and I refuse to be guilted into buying more. My daughter has decided she doesn't have to have a Christmas dress this year, and my son has already found the 'perfect' sweater. My husband even put up the Christmas lights last weekend, though we won't turn them on till December. He's working weekends between now and Christmas, so he had to get it done early.


I am in heaven. I can hibernate through New Year's.


*sigh of contentment*

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Doesn't it feel great? All I have left is a gift for my friends' son, a Nook for my mom, a few gift cards for other family members, and I'm planning to make a couple of doll outfits and a carrying bag for DD's American Girl dolls.


People hate me, but we do both Christmas and Hanukkah (which is really early this year) so I needed to get things done.

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Last year, I thought I was done early, but ended up doing a lot more shopping in December anyway. It was all stress-free, though, because I already had everything I needed, and I was able to enjoy every minute of it.


I have to admit that I love to shop, so even when I'm "done," I'm never really done... ;)



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:tongue_smilie: for both of you. :lol: Jealousy rearing it's ugly head here. Before I homeschooled, I was always done way before Thanksgiving. Now, not so much. I have one shirt for one of my dds, and some crochet stuff for the other, that's it. Nothing else. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I do know what I'm getting for ds, but haven't had time to get it. Ugh.

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I have all but stocking stuffers done for my children and all other children's gifts purchased. I still have at least 4 adult gifts to get, possibly more. DH's family never decides about Christmas gift exchanges until Thanksgiving. This year, they are celebrating Thanksgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I am really hoping they decide no adult gifts or a gift card exchange this year.

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