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Inexpensive Theatre Idea


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Last night I took most of my family to see a local high school's production of Beauty and The Beast.


I was blown away by the level of production and professionalism. Since we have no connection to the local schools it had never occurred to me to take my family to high school plays before. Not to mention that my memories of high school plays are mostly negative.


We had an absolute blast. My 4 year old was entranced:)

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My girls and I LOVE going to the High School plays (the guys could care less). We've been going to the local High School plays for several years; they usually put on 2 a year here. My youngest daughter especially loves them and loves sitting in the very front row. Just some that we've gone to have been The Diary of Anne Frank; awesomely done (my oldest worked with props on that one), The Foreigner; hilarious (we still laugh about that one), The Sound of Music; amazing, You Can't Take it with You and Robin Hood; both very funny too. I think there were a few others, but I can't remember what they were.


We also like going to the High School Choir concerts (my oldest is in the Swing Choir this year). Last year we went to the solo and ensemble at the High School here and really enjoyed that too. So many of the kids are very talented. That reminds me....the school has a talent show too.


ETA: When I was in High School, our school was quite famous for their musicals each year. I would go to every performance (usually 3 or 4 of each). The best were Bye Bye Birdie and West Side Story. I still love musicals and plays.

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