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Pianists out there - I need a music suggestion - please help!!

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My husband is a wonderful pianist. He only plays for himself (and us), but makes pieces by Rachmaninoff look easy. Anyway, last year we were watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, and he commented that he would like to have the music to the theme song, so I bought it for him for Christmas. He was thrilled! I would like to surprise him with some music this year. Any suggestions??




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Has he ever seen Fanatsia 2000? The music was fantastic and some of the piano stuff was wonderful. DD and I have purchased a few of the pieces and we have a blast with them. We are both working on the Shostakovich concerto.


If you aren't familiar with it, you can probably watch sections on youtube and there are several websites that list the classical pieces that were chosen. You will need the orchestral reductions of a lot of these pieces (arrangements of the entire piece for piano) because in many cases, like Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue (highly recommend that too) it is a concerto for solo piano with orchestra and therefore in order to get the full effect of the piece and all of the melodies, you have to play and arrangement and not just the original piano part.


For the holidays, get the advanced pianist version of "Grinch". It is soooo much fun to play.



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