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Anyone have experience with Earobics?


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This program has been recommended for home use for my 7 year old son, who has mild/moderate auditory processing disorder. I'd love to hear about any thoughts or experiences you all have had with the program before I purchase! Also, any ideas on the cheapest place to buy the program?



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I used this with my severe APD dtr. We did it for over a year. We used STep 2 ..at the time she was 7 1/2. I bought it through Don Johnston because I have a MAC. I pasted info below from their website. It cost me $65 for the CD. I had to sit with her through the games to coach and encourage her (took about a 1/2 hr per day). It was less expensive at the time then doing FastForWord and running back and forth to a private speech therapist. I can't say we saw huge gains because my dtr is severe with her APD, but it did help understand better her weaknesses and strengths and then I could work further with her. I was able to share her struggles regularly with her school speech therapist, and she would ramp up on that part of her therapy.


My dtr will most probably doing Fastforword this winter. The audiologist/SLP who dxed my dtr told me to start with Earobics. She was not ready for FFW. You can have up to three users on the CD so my older son did it too. I thought it was worthwhile. I am glad I did Earobics, because it has hlped us now that we are doing LIPS with the manipulating of sounds and syllables.



Easy-to-use management tools that give you control of the learning process


Increase reading, speech and comprehension through phonological awareness

Use phonemic training to build spelling skills

Increase reading speed and comprehension

Help students struggling with speech and language

Effectively use collected data to monitor student progress


Earobics builds phonemic awareness, auditory processing and phonics skills. Developed by language-learning and literacy specialists, Earobics teaches the skills necessary to learn how to speak, read and spell. Use the automated data collection tools to monitor students’ progress, print reports and guide remediation. For each activity, Earobics automatically generates IEP-formatted goals.


Earobics Step 1


Developmental ages 4 to 7. Stresses phonological awareness and processing skills such as syllables, sound blending, segmenting, rhyming and sound discrimination. Features six interactive learning games with over 300 levels of play (some games are switch accessible)


Earobics Step 2


Developmental ages 7 to 10, Addresses all of the skills targeted in Step 1 but at higher levels. Includes insertion, deletion and substitution of sounds to make new words. More advanced phonics skills and oral language processing skills are covered. Features five interactive learning games with nearly 600 levels of play.

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Thanks! Do you (or anyone else) know how this program would compare to FastForWord, a Tomatis provider, or the like? Trying to educate myself here...


Check out this site for info. From what I read FFW combines listening therapy with the program. You need ear phones to do it.LDonline has alot of discussions about FFW. My dtr is a perfect candidate because of her issues but I am planning on doing offsite. We will be traveling for VT



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