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What is your favorite cookware, bakeware, dishes?

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I want to get a sets of these before Thanksgiving. I am so in need of a new items. So, why not get it to be used for Thanksgiving, was the first thought in my mind. Then after looking for hours now I am still lost on what is better. So, here I am asking the great and all mighty hive. :D I should have started here first!

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We purchased Calphalon pans 22 years ago and have been more than pleased. We use them daily and they still look like new. They heat quickly and evenly. About 18 years ago, we became concerned about the aluminum when cooking acidic foods, so we purchased a set of Revere stainless steel with aluminum disc inserts in the bottom. They also heat quickly and evenly, are easy to clean and with constant use, still look new.


For bakeware, I'd also recommend the pyrex brand. (Love buying products still made in USA). They are economical and last for years.


For dishes, we have several brands, but my everyday dishes are Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz. I don't know if they are still made in England, but the ones we have were. They have also held up very well to every day use.


Calphalon, Revere and Johnson Brothers were all an investment up front, but have more than met our expectations.

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Well I ordered all I needed for the moment.


I ended up getting stainless steal pans that have a capped aluminum base, that is part of the Rachael Ray collection. From what I am reading it will help with heating better. Also I did not want to go with non stick pans. I wanted pans I could heat to whatever temp I wanted, use a whisk in, and not worry about stuff flaking off. Then I purchased wooden and nylon cooking utensils to go with it.


I added more to my pyrex baking sets and then added some nice nonstick baking sheets, that were made in Germany. I went with non stick to see how it went. I have not had a very good time with most of my baking sheets, so this is still trial and error. Also got a set of pyrex mixing bowls. I wanted something that would last and not plastic that tends to scratch and look horrible.


Now for my tableware I did not want to get anything that could possibly full of lead based paint or ceramic. So, I went with clear glass. Some are made in Italy and the others are made in the USA. That was a big factor in choosing my tableware. I ended up getting coffee mugs, bowls, dinner plates, and desert plates. I still need to pick up drinking glasses and possibly some salad plate/bowls.


Well everything will be here Monday and Tuesday just in time for Thanksgiving!

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