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? for SM and MM users who have used SM Earlybird previously


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I have really enjoyed the layout of Singapore Math's Earlybird. One book, instructions right there, very clean and uncluttered layout.


However it seems 1a and up are different in their layout. Workbook, textbook, HIG. It annoys me to me going back and forth between two things. I am using MEP1 right now, which I really like, but I do get annoyed with the back and forth and feel like I miss things.


So, for those who've used both, is MM more like Singapore Earlybird in the layout or not? Is it fairly cluttered or not anymore so than MEP? For those who use Singapore does it slow you down using the textbook/workbook? Is it not that big of a deal?


I like Singapore and don't really want to switch, but the cost and worktext of MM is appealing. I am also encouraged by others review or how similar it is to Singapore. I plan to continue to use MEP in conjunction with one of these.


Anyway, thanks for any help.

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Have you looked at the samples for MM? There are several pages of samples for each year on their website. That should answer your question (if you're talking about page clutter). You can print them out and try them.


My first grader has no problem with the layout of MM 1, but I haven't used Singapore. He has used Saxon at school, and he MUCH prefers MM (mostly because it actually moves). There are a lot of problems on the page, and I usually assign only half the problems. Not a big deal for us.


I do love that the teaching is in the text, so I can just go over the directions and anything new without having to get out a teacher's manual. Very, very, very easy to teach. We've only used 1A so far, but we plan to continue on through 2 as long as it continues to go well.

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I used Earlybird, and I am now using both MM and Singapore 2A (yep, both...its a long story:tongue_smilie:)


Anyway, in the sense that Earlybird has everything in one spot, MM is a clear winner.


In the sense of cartoony/ somewhat more eye appealing/ less problems on a page, Singapore wins.


I really dislike having to move between all the different books SM offers, and MM is equally solid. My DD has had no real difficulty with the amount of problems on a page, but others on the board have commented that it has been a problem for their child. Some fixed it by blowing the pages up and printing only half a MM page on a page.


If I had to choose only one of the programs, I would go with MM.

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