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Hogwart's Letter

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I've never known anyone that did this but it sounds neat.


Didn't Hagrid read Harry's invitation letter during that scene in HP 1 where he broke in on the Lighthouse retreat and gave Dudley a tail? Maybe playing that scene back will give you an idea what the envelope, writing, and general language sounded like.


I sure would like to send my 13 year old a howler and if I could figure out how to make it fly, (seriously thought about trying to disguise DH's remote control helicopter as an owl), and yell at him while bursting into flame, I'm pretty certain I could become a millionaire!



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This turned out to be an awesome surprise for our 11 yo. We ended up wording the letter along the lines of We at Hogwarts want to extend our best wishes for your eleventh birthday (more flowerly language). The Muggles Studies Department informed us that it is your special day today, and as you know, eleventh birthdays are very special in the Magical World. So to honor you on your birthday, we wish to celebrate along with you...blah blah blah LOL.




Since we were away from home and hadn't had time to do it as properly as we might have with time and preparation, we did a good facsimile, and he was gobsmacked as you can see :)

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