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what should a 5th grade be reading?

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Can you share with me a list of good books that a 5th grader should be reading and enjoying? My son is a slow reader and at times comprehension is difficult for him. I want to purchase some good books for him for Christmas, so that he can enjoy it, increase his reading comprehension, reading ability and fall in love with reading.

Thanks and looking forward to reading your thoughts.


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My daughter is something of a reluctant reader as well. She didn't take to it like I had always hoped, and just doesn't seem to enjoy it the way her father and I both do.


I followed the literature suggestions for 5th grade in The Latin-Centered Curriculum. We started with The Hobbit, and she loved it so much that she is begging me to do The Lord of the Rings, instead of the rest of what we had planned. I was afraid that it would be a challenging book for her, but I guess that's the thing about good quality writing - it's engaging! So my advice would be to try a truly good book, even if you think it might be a little bit ahead of his level. Quality literature might engage his interest enough to keep him motivated even if it's hard.


I look forward to reading others' suggestions too.

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