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So I think I'm in the market for a food dehydrator. Recommendations?

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I have long desired to try my hand at drying fruit. I never bought a dehydrator, though, b/c I just don't have the space. I love to can and with the canner, pressure cooker, jars, et c. the idea of one more thing to store was too much.


Until . . .


My husband just built a bunch of shelves in the garage for out of season storage. I can put all my not-in-use or infrequently used items out there. So, as those jars of tomatoes empty, they can go out there instead of the kitchen cabinet. Ditto for the pressure cooker and canner.


Ditto, again, for the dehydrator I never had room for. I'm thinking now maybe there are good prices since it's past the season for putting up.



I'm looking for the amazing whammo presto dehydrator that is, miraculously, the uber top of the line and yet costs almost nothing.


It doesn't have to cost almost nothing but the most bang for the fewest bucks.


I await your wisdom, O Hive!

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My friend's MIL found one for her at the thrift store. After I found that out I asked her to watch for one for me. I had one in a week for only $8.


It's one of those things that seems like a great idea, but I couldn't justify buying one and it turning into just another gadget that I don't really use.


I think it sounds like a good idea to a lot of people, they get it home and then realize, after it sits for awhile, they're never going to really use it and off to the thrift shop it goes. Think how easy it is to find bread machines there now.


So far all I've used it for is dehydrating basil and pumpkin seeds. I'm glad I've got it, but if I'd bought it full price, and that's all I've found to do with it, I'd be annoyed at myself.


So you may want to check the thrift shops if you aren't certain you'll really use one.


Good luck.

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I have an American Harvest, and I've been very happy with it. I mostly use it to make jerky, although I've intended to try drying vegetables and the like. Maybe I'll give that a go next summer. Anyhoo, I didn't do research on them or anything; I just wanted one and my inlaws gave it to me for Christmas. One thing I like about it is that it's got stackable trays, and you can use as many or as few as you like. I have a few extra trays that go with it depending on how big a batch I'm drying.

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