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A bit disturbed by what I witnessed at Starbucks...

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We were out at a Starbucks that is about a block away from a school in a pretty urban area in Berkeley. A woman came in and asked the staff if they had seen a little blond girl come in recently unaccompanied. No one had see the girl. So the woman said, "Well if you do see her, just tell her to go back to school."




I couldn't tell if this person was a teacher, parent, how they had lost the child, how old she was, etc. And they wanted the people at Starbucks to just send her out on her own to wander back to school?


I think if I saw her I would probably call the police to get her, as an individual I may walk her back to the school office but I would worry that someone thought I had taken her or something.

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She used the word LITTLE! Hello, "Just tell her to go back to school??????"


Me thinks that this grown up as some "splaining" to do!


I understand that there may be some innocent reason why she didn't explain the situation and wasn't that concerned, but unforunately, she came in said what she said, and now the question remains. Is there a missing little girl? Could she be in danger?


Good grief...I seriously doubt the school is just around the corner as I haven't seen too many Starbucks built next to elementary and middle schools. "Little Blond girl" sounds young, not like some 16 year old sophomore skipping school for a latte.


I hope it is just a matter of a "ding-bat in a grown up body not saying what she really meant - such as I'm looking for my teenager who is known to skip school by hanging at Starbucks.





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SIGH. It's Berserkly - eh Berkeley. That, in and of itself, could be explanation enough.

I am assuming that you had the impression that the girl in question was not 15-16 or older but much younger?!


There is a K-5 elementary school on the same block and no junior or senior high school nearby so I am pretty confident it was 5th grade or younger. Since she said it was a "little" girl I got the impression it would on the younger range.

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