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Update on my wee man

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Well, he isn't so 'wee' anymore. He is now weighing 1770g which is just over double his birth weight. He is now 7 weeks old. He remains on CPAP although the pressure has been reduced to 5 which he seems to me coping with OK. The plan at this point is to get him off the CPAP and onto high flow oxygen over the next week or so. He is now having 3 hourly feeds, 33ml every 3 hours which he is tolerating beautifully. Just in the last week i have been able to offer him an empty breast for a nuzzle and he has latched on and sucked a few times. Hopefully he will get the hang of feeding over the coming weeks. Unfortunately he will not be discharged until he is all suck feeds and no longer requiring any breathing assistance so we could still be looking at 6+ weeks in the hospital. He wasn't due until 10 Jan!


Here is a pic of him the day he was 1730g, exactly double his birth weight. Enjoy!



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so lovely that you have already had him on the breast.


They are a VERY pro-breastfeeding hospital which is wonderful. The nursery has an LC available all the time to help or just chat to.



I have told my sister (who is nearly 20 weeks and having a terrible time) all about your miracle baby. She has got much encouragement from it.


I do hope she can hold on for a while longer. These babies are true fighters in every sense of the word but every day makes such a big difference to their outcomes. The world of intensive care is a roller coaster! Sending tonnes of positive thoughts for your sister.


Just read his birth story on your blog. I know it was not at all funny at the time, but your description of his little foot flapping about made me giggle aloud!


Your right, it wasn't funny at the time, but i can laugh about it now :lol:



I have just had word from the hospital that after 49 days in Special Care Nursery 3 Adison has been moved to the High Dependency Unit. Woohoo, another step closer to home!

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Oh, Amber, he is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your update. I know it's very difficult to have a baby that needs you in the hospital while you have kids that need you at home! I watched my friend struggle with this for several months before she had everyone safely home. I am so glad to hear he's doing so well. My friend has some scary moments but being in the hospital was the best place and he was thriving there. He's been thriving at home now for two months!!! Hang in there. Enjoy your precious little bundle!!!

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