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What's that book..a sibling rivalry thing..I need one!

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I'm thinking there was a book dealing with sibling rivalry called 'making brothers and sisters friends' or something like that? This one comes to mind because it was on the book table at a conference at John Piper's church. I like his stuff and stuff from Desiring God in general and trust their recommendations.


Anyone know? Or just have any other good recommendations for me. We're having some issues over here and I just can't get a handle on it, I need help.

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Well, I would suggest anything other than the O'Malley book. It was written by children, and it showed. The juvenile writing was grating to me, and my children never would have stood for me reading to them. Honestly, I never would have tried, because I know how they would have responded.


I know it had great amazon reviews, so maybe it's just me. You may want to choose the "Look Inside" option at amazon on this one to determine if it's what you're looking for.


I'd recommend the Young Peacemakers book by the Sande Family.

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