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Last Disney question, I promise! Would you

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I've done both -- I usually hate lugging it around, but what I hate more is getting home and only having camera-phone photos to share. So now I pretty much just bring it and know I'd rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


Is it bulky? Mine is. I keep it in one of those puffy lunchbag kits. The grown-up ones. I'm sure there's an official name for those that I'm blanking on, but it keeps it well-protected and a lot less likely (IMO) to get stolen off of the stroller. We always get the Disney stroller (I see you have a 4 year old).

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I bring both actually. On a couple of days I bring the big bulky camera to get the good pictures and on the other days I take the cheaper smaller camera to get the other pictures I want. It works for me, and that way I don't have to carry the big camera around every day, but I still get decent pictures at the parks on some days.

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