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Planning middle school & high school science sequence


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Can anyone here help me think through this? My children would like to go to our state university that is hard to get into. They look for verification of "mommy" grades for homeschool graduates. So, I'm planning a combination of SAT-2, CLEP and AP online classes for their high school curriculum.


7th -Apologia General w/ coop lab

8th -BJU Earth and Space?

9th -DIVE Integrated Physics and Chemistry w/ BJU text

10th -DIVE Biology w/BJU text and Home Science tools lab kit

11th -DIVE Chemistry w/BJU text and Home Science tools lab kit

(both Bio and Chem with the DIVE CLEP study dvds)

12th -DIVE Physics with Saxon Physics (no lab supplies)

(with Sat-2 or Clep with DIVE Clep study dvd)



How is BJU Earth and Space without the dvds? or labs? What would I need for that course to make it work at home?


That high school science sequence would be 4 credits for science with 3 CLEP verified mommy grades. That will be helpful for this state university. Btw, we will start Chalkdust Algebra in 8th.


Seems like DIVE works well with BJU and is pretty rigorous. I would appreciate any comments! Thanks!

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