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Sinus issues how long to "wait it out"

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I've had nasty congestion for exactly two weeks. During the day, it's noy too bad. It's mainly when I wake up. I've been using a netti pot and taking ocd and nose spray. I thought yesterday was a break through because I woke up not stuffy. However it was short lived am stuffy this morning. Any suggestions? Go to the doctor? (haven't found a new doc from moving, but just got a name yesterday??)




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Long time sinus issues here - my rule is to go to the doctor when I see green (sorry), or I have a fever for over 24 hours. If you have a lingering cold, the dr. will give you meds that you can buy at the drugstore. If you have a sinus infection, he will give you antibiotics.


It sounds like you might need to sleep with a humidifier and use saline spray for your nose. My son is sensitive to the dry air; his sinuses overcompensate and create excess mucus. Sometimes he will take an anti-inflamatory drug like advil to reduce the swelling in his sinus cavity.


Last week I took advil sinus night time (generic brand) for three nights in a row, and was able to sleep. I also sleep best sitting up a bit.


Best of luck.

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We have dealt with lots of sinus issues in our family. I tend to wait it out a long time, because it takes us several rounds of antibiotics if we go that route.


I really just wanted to suggest that you might want to look into the sinus rinse system that uses a spray bottle instead of a netipot. An ENT told me the increased pressure is supposed to be more effective at clearing out mucous and infection than the gentle draining of a netipot. We found the bottle made a drastic difference for our whole family. We use it when an infection seems to be setting in, and we haven't been on antibiotics for years. It actually puts 8oz of solution through your nose, it isn't the same as nasal saline spray. The kids and I use the packets half strength.


I hope you feel better soon.

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I get sinus infections frequently (and sometimes with a low-grade fever), so the only time I bother to go to the doctor is when my fever is high or I'm feeling really, really miserable. When I've reached my limit, I go.


The last time I went (last month, with a fever of 104), they gave me a prescription for Flonase in addition to antibiotics. I'm supposed to use it twice daily, indefinitely, so we'll see if that helps to lessen the frequency of infections.

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I don't really have any sinus suggestions, however would like to add that awhile back I had nasal congestion for 2 weeks and finally went to the Dr.

He told me that I had developed a sudden allergy to one of my cats. I had no idea that could happen.


Anyway, if it's not a sinus infection, maybe it's a new allergy to something in your house or dust in the vents from turning on the furnance?

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