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Curriclum with co-op schedules needed:

Tina in WA

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Do you know of any curriculum that also has a co-op schedule with it or ones that are easily adapted to use in a co-op? We are pulling a co-op together in our area and we are pulling together a list of curriculum's that provide co-op schedules.


Here are the ones I know of so far (I know there is more, but I can't think anymore at this point...):


Apologia elementary (Botany & Astronomy)

Writing Tales Vol 1 & 2

All American History


I/we are also interested in Jr. High and High School curriculum's.


Thanks in advance!



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I don't think any of them have published schedules, though:


Junior Great Books: Written for classroom teaching. I have used this in a coop for years. The recommendation for the early levels is a 4 or 5 day per week program. We did one selection per week. The kids had to have the story read to them at home once, and then read it again or have it read to them to do the homework (which increases with grade level), and come up with an interpretive question to share. At the meeting, the leader would read the story again, work through the specific questions in the TE, and lead a discussion of the children's interpretive questions. We have not implemented the subsequent writing assignments as a group--that would be quite time consuming, I think. I urge caution in that the stories get very dark and modern in about the 6th grade. We have used it a year behind grade level, and that is about right.


Real Science 4 Kids: This seems like a great fit for a coop. The lessons are not that long, and very dense. My inclination would be to assign the reading in advance, read and discuss it again as a group in class, and then do the experiments, all in one meeting. Then do the experimental writeups at home. 10 lessons--1 per week--plus two test review sessions per subject--that would be a nice 36 week coop.


Story of the World: Seems like everyone is doing this in coops around here, except us. Most of them assign the reading in advance, and one extra resource to preread, and also write answers to the questions. Then they discuss the material and do a project in class, and maybe review for the tests, which are given at home.

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Thanks so much for the idea's!


Anyone know of anything else.


I really want to try and find something/ideas for folks to teach if they say to us, "I would love to teach something, but I just can't prepare a topic/subject for a whole year."


If we suggest books with teacher guides, etc I think more folks might be willing to teach. :)

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Guest paygesl

www.gwnews.com This is a current events weekly reader type magazine for different ages. Next year they will publish a once a month magazine with 4 unit studies in the various disciplines. They will offer teacher helps online.


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