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Which Titles are your Faves?

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One thing to try is Pandora or Last.fm both have classical stations available; you can listen to a variety of periods and styles, and see which composers appeal most to you. I think this has been the best thing for us. We also use Minnesota Public Radio's all-classical station which is available for streaming here. :)

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We just listen to it all. I like to get those cheap, classical collections from Costco and the like. I have HOURS of classical music on iTunes and just play it all randomly. The boys have learned to pick out what they like and what they don't--Little Einsteins was a good introduction as well, Fantasia too. I would say classical is as personal as any other music. I prefer the "hard" stuff, like Wagner, but will often be in the mood for some quiet Handel. Some like the operatic pieces, others can't stand it.

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I've read several of you posting about having classical music playing "all the time" in your homeschool.


I have not been purposeful about exposing my girls to classical music. What are your fave artists/titles that you play "all the time" in your home?




We generally have our local classical station playing [you can stream it -- www.kmfa.org] It is one of the very, very few 24 hour all classical, non-profit, listener supported stations in the country and has a wonderful variety of music/programs.


I'm a huge early music fan; so, we also play a lot of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. As a general introduction to classical music I don't think you can go wrong with [J.S.] Bach, Beethovan, Mozart, Brahms, [J.F.] Haydn as these are the "biggies".


There are any number of collections you can probably check out from your library to begin to get a feel for what you want. Have fun perusing those and branch out from there.

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Obviously there is Peter and the Wolf and the Nutcracker. Those are "kids" classics.


I had this album as a child and loved it--now need it for my dc.




But I wouldn't limit your self to classics for kids type albums. Just pick a general selection of composers and play them or tune into your local NPR station-they often do blocks of classical music.


There are lots in the $2-3 range.



A good resource for locating them is Harmony Art Mom's blog.

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If you ask my DS 15 who his favorite musician is, he'll say something like,


"My classical favorites are Beethoven and Grieg. My modern favorite is John Williams." His ipod is full of great stuff that we all enjoy.


Have you done "The Story of the Orchestra?" The included CD has a sample of each style/period's music. You can see what stands out to you and go from there.

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Check to see what online music resources your library offers. I can access things like Classical Music Online for free using my library card. It's like having my very own all-request classical station. I go through phases, but lately it has been mostly Mahler, Gottschalk, and Prokofiev.

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