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New edition of Art of Argument vs. Thinking Toolbox?


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I have read several old threads on this topic, but none since the 2010 version of AA came out.


Apparently the old edition had a lot of mature/political/religious topics that a lot of us (WTM posters) were steering clear of. Then the author posted in one thread that AA has been redone, and he posted a link where you can read the first couple of chapters. I skimmed through them, and it looks like a book I would like.


Before I read them, I was all set to order Thinking Toolbox, but now I'm not so sure.


We are just about to finish Fallacy Detective. DS is 13 years old. We like to read/discuss a little bit every day.


I liked that I saw quite a bit of Latin in AA. It looked to me like AA would cover the same content as Fallacy Detective, but at a more in-depth level and at a faster pace. On the other hand, AA requires the purchase of a teacher's manual, which some WTM posters rated poorly (for the earlier edition).


So new version AA next, or TT next and AA later?

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I just received the new edition of Art of Argument last week...both student and teacher's books. After glancing through it, I think my son is going to enjoy it tremendously (lots of funny advertisements). Of course, I haven't read every little fine detail, but it "looks" good. We will start it after Thanksgiving. Only time will tell...


I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the "improved" teacher's book. Yes, it has all of the answers to the student text and tests at the end. But it has NO teacher's helps. No planning guide, no tips for discussion, no schedule. I would have expected, at the very minimum, a suggested schedule for completing the book. I was kind of surprised...


But overall, the program looks very interesting and thorough. We shall see. I have never seen The Thinking Toolbox.



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