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accelarated learner in a typical kids body...


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I am the mom of a DS who is accelerated, loves to read, studies well and is ahead in most subjects. However he is a typical 13 year old in all other respects. Sweet tempermant, happy to obey but just doen't think things through. As far as chores or responsibility he is NOT accelerated at all. Just a great typical kid. So how do I provide the tools he is ready for, academically, when I feel he does not have the maturity level to handle them? Ie: the natural progression will be high school biology (I use A Beka) but I do not see that he is focused enough for this. He loves learning, and is interested, and his reading level is there, but I do not see his maturity level at the stage which will allow him to assimalate this with meaning. Am I making sense? Are there any good books addressing this dilemma?

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