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I can't find the thread involving the petition for him to write...what did we want him to write? I mean, I'd read anything w/ his name on it.


But I digress. I've been looking at the slim pickings for American history spines. Forget suggested reading lists & politics--just a browse through [insert favorite online book retailer that does not sell guides to illegal & immoral activities] leaves a person w/ a profound sense of how little is available.


There was a DK encyclopedia, but it only had 18 chs, & some of the customer reviews were...pretty bad, imo, no matter what side of the political fence you prefer.


So I'm wondering how it went w/ the petition to Sheinkin. I'm wondering (if he declined our pleas) if I could write an encyclopedia of American history & have my name legally changed to, say, Sheinken, & have the Muse imbue me w/ superhuman powers to make history beyond delightful, memorable, & most of all, ridiculous. ;)

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I emailed him. He replied.




Ok, so he wants to write more books in the series, but the publishers say they have to wait & see if there's demand for it.


This is officially the beginning of my campaign for Sheinkin for Lord of History.


His books are brilliant, & I'm not sure if I've ever said that of anyone. They're laugh-out-loud funny. Dh sat at the table when I read aloud, so he could hear the stories, too.


The paperbacks, brand-new are only $9, & there are only 3 in the series so far:


King George: What was His Problem?

Two Miserable Presidents

Which Way to the Wild West


He's also got a new one out that I haven't read (& I don't know if it's kid-appropriate) about Benedict Arnold.


This is an author so great, so funny, w/ such an accessible writing style (w/out being pedantic) that I'd literally buy anything w/ his name on it. Esp if you're looking for good middle school American history books (we used them as read alouds for elem), go forth & buy everything this man has written. Join me in promoting him on your blogs, in writing friendly reviews on every website that will have us.


Here's what you get in return: *more* awesome history books for you to enjoy, for your kids to enjoy, to promote your conversations among acquaintances (sorry, I'm reading P&P for the first time, hehehe), to weave the insipid details together into a coherent whole that illustrates, if nothing else, that people from one century to another, are essentially the same. :lol:

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Well, I usually am a library user on things like this... but I will go and buy these if it helps to get his numbers up!


We loved his King George Book. I am trying to do them when we get to his subject chronologically.




Thank you. Bless you. My mother & little brother were not so cooperative. :D


But the Benedict Arnold thriller might be appropriate fodder for a Christmas list for dh or me.


Maybe everyone we know will get Am history for Christmas & look at us strangely. Like that's never happened before. :lol:

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Maybe I should start a new thread w/ the titles of his books instead of his name.


In the interest of coming across less beligerent & annoying, I'll stick to this one for now.


I've suggested that he present his stuff at a hs conference, & he's interested & wants to know which one would be good. As I've only ever been to the one in Houston & know that there are much, much more drool-worthy conventions to be attended, I thought I'd ask y'all.


I'm leaning toward recommending the one coming up next yr--I think it's called the Great Convention--but it's supposed to have SWB, MCT, Julie Bogart, & I forget who else. The biggies. The greats. All under one roof at one time. :svengo:


Imagine if this guy comes, too! I guess I should start hitch-hiking. :D


Yep, here it is: http://www.midsouthhomeschoolconvention.com/featuredspeakers


It looks very Christian, though. Hmm. I wonder if that's ok. (He's Jewish, & I'd really hate to offend him.) Do you think it would be a good idea to contact the convention & ask them whether they'd be interested in inviting him to speak? Hmm.

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