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What if your yeast doesn't get foamy?

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Did you get the milk warm enough? Or too warm? If it was warm you might have killed the yeast. I did that once and we had some thin-crust pizza that my younger dd really enjoyed. :lol: When I have made things recently, it calls for the liquid to be about 110 degrees (I use my candy thermometer to check).


Do you keep your yeast in the fridge? If it expires this month, I think it should still be OK. Check the temp on the milk.

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If the milk wasn't warm enough, you can just keep waiting. If it was too hot, you may have killed the yeast, and you'll need to start again. If your yeast is just borderline old, waiting longer will probably be adequate. (You may also find that your rising times are a little longer -- though once it gets going, you'll be fine.)

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