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homemade laundry soap question

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The recipe I'm using says you put your soda, borax and melted fels naptha in a 5 gal bucket, fill with water and set overnight. Then the next day mix equal amounts of gel and water in a bottle. Then use 1C per load for a top loading machine.


Would using 1/2C of straight gel in the machine be the same as using 1C of the gel/water mix? Just wondering because I don't have anything to mix it in right now.

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I make the dry kind. It works great.


Here is a photo tutorial from my blog.


Thanks for the recipe! I used to use a bar of castille soap, but I can't find it anymore, which is why I was using the fels napth this time. I had never used it before, and it's some really smelly stuff! LOL I hope no one is allergic to it. I hadn't thought about using Ivory.

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