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Hewitt's Lightning Literature

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We've used LL British Medieval Lit and Early American Lit. They do cover literary analysis concepts, but in a piecemeal fashion--in the introductory material for a particular book, they will often have a discussion of a literary concept that is demonstrated in that book. For example, in the material for Beowulf, they had a discussion of foreshadowing. If you did a lot of their courses, then you might get a fair number of literary concepts covered.


However, as I recall, the questions are all just comprehension based (we skipped those) and the writing assignments were mainly creative (no literary analysis essays or any direction on how to write such an essay that I recall.) We did a few of the writing assignments, but not many--they just weren't the kind of writing I was looking for.


As for whether it would be meaty enough to stand alone... it would depend on your expectations. So far I've not been able to find a literature program that does everything I want it to, so I have had to weave several together. LL is about the only program that actually has some instruction/discussion of literary analysis concepts and that's why I use it. For ds I combined it with Omnibus (which has discussions and critical thinking questions--with answers! yay! but almost no literary analysis--boo!) and Smarr (a few interesting literary tidbits, and some off-the-wall critical thinking questions--but we tired of it after one year and haven't used it since.) Now with dd I'm combining LL with Omnibus and WEM.


Combining programs is a lot of work, both for the parent (esp one like me who knows nothing) to figure it out, and for the student to handle the workload once it's set up. One nice thing about LL is it can be very independent... but then you don't get any discussion... Sigh. Still waiting for someone to write the perfect high school literature program. :glare:

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