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Resources to help dad relate to ds10 regarding purity, girls, etc...

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I heard interviews from the author of this book recently on Focus on the Family. Really enjoyed the series.


Also, Generations of Virtue has many resources. I'm not familiar with all of them, but that would be my go-to place for this type of resource. I linked the resources for parents page above.





Thank you very much! This looks like what I might be looking for. The warrior book series on the Gen. of Virtue site sounds really good. The site had a problem, so I couldn't look around more, but I'll check back later. I've bookmarked it. I've always had Passport to Purity on my mental checklist for when dc are older. Thanks again for responding.

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Yes, Dannah Gresh is my favorite author on the topic of girls' modesty/purity! I love her Secret Keeper book (modesty) and, for older girls, And the Bride Wore White. I haven't seen the one you linked in person yet, but I'm willing to bet it's great!


Our son enjoyed Who Moved the Goalpost? by Bob Gresh for guys' purity issues. :)

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