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How does this 1st grade plan look?


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Guest Cindie2dds

Looks good to me!


We've used Saxon 2 as a supplement this year, and will move on to Saxon 3, since it's a drill-type math as compared with Miquon. It's actually been great solidifying the concepts dd has learned with Miquon. She has absolutely loved it, to my complete surprise. I just wanted to encourage you since there seems to be a lot of threads to the tune of ~


"Saxon math made my kid :svengo::blink::crying:"




All About Spelling, Handwriting without Tears 1, Saxon Phonics 2, Writing with Ease , First Language Lessons
This seemed like a lot of writing/language arts for a 1st grader, but mine is a reluctant writer. Also I would add outside drawing time. My girls actually ask for it. After seat work, we go outside (weather permitting) to do a nature drawing. They love it. It's like a treasure hunt, and it gets the wigglies out. Edited by Cindie2dds
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I would not do both phonics and spelling at the same time. Start with phonics and then move to a phonics-based spelling program. Also, WWE includes copywork, and I would not do the WWE copywork and HWOT at the same time. And if you are not going to do the copywork of WWE, then you could feasibly do the narrations with SOTW and not do WWE at all.


Honestly, what I would do is start out with phonics, handwriting and math and give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to that. Then add in the other programs one at a time (in whatever order that you want). You may find that it is too much, or you may not. But when you are first starting out, it is much easier to add things in gradually than to eliminate things that you have convinced yourself you "have to do."

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