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Red rasberry leaf tea? or is it Red Rasberry Tea? vs the pill form

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Definitely the LEAF tea. Otherwise, it's just flavoring, and it doesn't do anything!


I have always drunk raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy to tone the uterus and help with efficient contractions. I've always had good labors, but I really am not a hot drink person, so it was hard for me to drink as much tea as I needed to. With my last pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes, and I didn't want to worry about how the tea (which I always had to sweeten, so it wouldn't taste like hot grass water, LOL), would affect me. So I bought raspberry leaf pills from iherb.com and took them faithfully. I seriously did not even realize I was in labor until I was clammy and shaky after these short gas-pain-like pains I was having somewhat randomly! So I realized I was actually in transition, we rushed to the hospital, and she was born 20 minutes after we got there! So now I am a big believer in the pills, and I plan on taking them again during the last trimester of this pregnancy. No more drinking gallons of tea for me!


So my unscientific opinion is that I think the pills would be just as effective for cramps as the tea.

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I drank raspberry leaf tea with my last pregnancy. just for the last month.

I also, are not a tea drinker. in fact I only drink tap water.

I had such a pain free labour it was unbelievable, I remember telling the nurse sorry I had come into the hospital so early in the labour, as it wasn't very painful, and I was sure I had hours to go. she said no, his head is right there. I wish I had known about it for the other 4 pregnancies.

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