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Is this normal for 2nd grade writing?


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Dd wrote a story (not for school) and i am wondering if it is normal for a 2nd grader (almost 8yo). She wrote good sentences, but the story lacks problem/solution or major action. Anyways, here is her story. Tell me what you think, honestly please. (BTW, Pixos are the little, teenie balls that you put together and spray with water to make something.)


Susan and the Pixos


Susan loved Pixos. She made a dog and a cat. She also mad a bird, a snail, and a princess.


The End

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Yes, I think it's very normal. Children aren't born knowing that a story needs a conflict and a resolution. Your dd's story made sense. She gave you a main character, and aspect of that character, and then told you what that character did.


*If* it were a school assignment, we would sit down later and correct her misspelled word and we might talk about the structure of a story and how she could add to it to make it more interesting. *IF*...


But for a story written on her own? I would tell her that I loved that she had chosen to write a story and I thought that was great. I might even comment that I was very proud of her for remembering how to use her serial commas correctly. Or I might comment that Pixos are, indeed, a lot of fun. Something like that.


When it comes to my kids' creative writing on their own time, I only correct as much as they ask me to.

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My ds7 (8 in Jan) writes like that...only his spelling is wers.:tongue_smilie:


I never ask him to correct work that he does for fun, but I will ask him questions about the content encouraging him to talk talk talk...which he thoroughly enjoys.

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