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Ironic Ink

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I've been waiting for a good sale on ink. I like to purchase the XL version of my ink since it has MORE than 3x the ink than the single ink for about twice the price of the singles....




The ink has had that "warning" that the ink is OUT. I've been putting off printing up stuff for my kids. Delaying ETC for the youngers, and not printing up stuff I see online as much. I finally bought my ink! So, since I am so frugal... I am printing up as much as I can on this "empty" ink cartridge before I put in the new one.


I've made copies of 2 workbooks, printed out extra stuff for my kids. Probably printed up OVER 300 pages of stuff altogether...


So, WHY was I waiting to print these things? My printer said the cartridge NEEDED to be changed!!

I admit, I am out of blue ink. I print most things on Fast Draft and Black Ink. I use both sides of the paper, etc.

I still have not changed my ink, and my black ink has not shown any signs of running out soon...


On the other hand, my DH has not used the printer in a while. Maybe HE is the ink hogger....


Oh well, just venting. Stupid ink....

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