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In about 6 minutes, my husband's going to be unhappy with me. LOL.

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He's not a morning person. He hates getting up early. And with his job, he doesn't have to.


But we have an ongoing appointment to go to the gym Monday and Wednesday mornings now. We can ONLY go from 9-10:30 those two days a week, because that's when childcare is provided there at the Y. Evenings are out because of his work schedule.


And week after week, I wake him up going "We have to leave in a half hour. Get up, we have to leave in 25 minutes. Are you up? We're leaving in 20 minutes. Can you get out of bed already?! We're supposed to be out the door in 15 minutes!"


In between all this, I'm trying to get myself and the two kids ready to get out the door.


Then, finally, with about 5-10 minutes left before we're supposed to leave, he rolls out of bed. Gets ready. We leave late. And arrive with at least 10 minutes cut out of our allotted workout time.


It makes me nuts.


So I just went in there to give him his first (and only) half hour warning, and then I set the alarm.


And then I walked out of the room.


So in about...oh, three minutes now, the alarm's going to go off and that can wake him up instead of me going in there five more times.


He's not going to be happy with me LOL. (Blah, knowing him, he'll sleep through it and I'll have to go back up there anyway). Wish me luck. :lol:

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Yep, mine too! Between 2 and 3 every night.


Can you believe he shut off the alarm and then GOT BACK INTO BED?!


I had to go up there and get him up again anyway.


I hear him walking around now at least. Sheesh, what a pain though. So much for my brilliant idea of letting the alarm clock do the trick. :P

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