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best place to buy anti-pill fleece online?

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My girls and I are going to make these no-sew fleece blankets for the grandparents for Christmas. I am looking online for some places to order anti-pill fleece, but whoa, it's expensive! Since I will have to find so much, I would like to get it for less if I can . Any recommendations?

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Do you have a Joann craft store near you? They have a lot of fleece and sometimes good sales. The stuff is still pricey, though. They also have online shopping here.




ETA: one thing I have done in the past to reduce the cost is to get printed fleece for one side and a solid color for the other side.

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Malden Mills invented the Polartec brand of fleece. That company has gone bankrupt, but former Malden employees formed their own company, Mill Direct Textiles.


The best deal you may find on quality fleece is at their website. Their precut throws (which you can then re-cut to any size you like) measure 60" by 81" and sell for $17.99--works out to $8 a yard and there is no postage for US shipping. Yes, you can do better costwise by buying Chinese fleece at JoAnns but this is a better quality, American made product.


You can also buy fleece in a variety of weights or with windblocks for other projects at their website.


Hope this helps.



ETA: Polartec fleece was developed so it does not pill.

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