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Unfinished basement play areas ideas requested

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Our basement is unfinished and we use that for the indoor playground during the winter. DH suggested that we need a "new" toy for the basement to keep their interest.


We have a tire swing hung from the rafters in one corner (with mats underneath). Little tykes climing thingy for the little people. And they use their scooters and roller blades to go around the "track" around the stair case.


Anyone have a cool idea?


My suggestion was to hang some of the faux white board from Menards on one wall for with dry erase markers.


I am also scouring craigslist for some outdoor toys that might spice things up a bit.

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cardboard boxes from furniture stores! This is one of my very favorite childhood memories. We lived a few blocks from a furniture store and so my sister and I would go there and get boxes and drag them back. They were big enough for us to sit in and crawl through and we would put them together in lots of different configurations. We especially loved boxes that washer/dryers came in because you could put them on their sides and have a 'shelf'. We would have different boxes be different 'rooms'. We would use old comforters as 'carpet'. We would cut trapdoors in them, so they could be forts or hideouts. We would color things on the sides. This was seriously like the best thing ever. They attracted lots of kids from the neighborhood too! You probably don't live a couple blocks from a furniture store, but it would so be worth it to track some boxes down for them.

Good luck making a great play area!

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A climbing wall?


I would LOVE to have the room (and money) to build a reading loft with a ladder going up to it.


I like the idea of a sandbox if you think the kids will keep it contained to the actual box. I know some will spill onto the floor around it....but I mean as for carrying the sand around the room.

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Friends of mine put in a climbing wall in their kids' playroom. It's AWESOME!


I don't know where they bought the handholds and stuff from or how they actually went about building the wall, but the kids have a TON of fun, and since it's only as high as the ceiling, it's quite safe (there is a mattress on the floor)


I think it was a great idea!

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We have one of those inflatable things they bounce / jump in that we blow up in the basement. It is not huge and will only allow 3 small or 2 larger kids at a time. Got it at Kohl's for about $100 a few years ago. My husband hooked it up so that all the kids have to do to turn it on or off is flip a light switch. It has been worth what we paid for it ten times over. And it makes all of their friends want to hand out at our house - which you could consider good or bad :).

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We used a fun set of collapsible tunnels and tents, sort of like this:




Manufacturers make different configurations, ie IKEA, Playhut, Pacific Play Tents, etc., so you could make it larger or smaller, depending on the size of your room.

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