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Can you look at this 7th grade plan?

prairie rose

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We run our school years January - early November. So our new school year will start in January. I'm a bit worried about "doing enough" with my 7th grader (all my kids really but I'm most worried about my 7th grader right now). What am I missing, what should I consider, what critiques can you offer? He's 12yo, will turn 13 in May. He likes to read for pleasure but has never really been one to rush to the table when I announce it's time for school like some of my other kids do. He has expressed an interest in college but other than video game designer he has no big ideas about what he wants to do.



Lightning Literature 7

Write Shop 1

Junior Analytical Grammar

SWR (on the fence about this, his spelling is pretty good but I would kinda like him to finish the program)



(He's not ready for algebra or even pre-algebra, I want to spend this year getting him ready for pre-algebra next year)

Math Mammoth topic books

Life of Fred Fractions and Decimals

Hands On Equations (try and get some algebraic thinking going)



I have the Logic Countdown/Lift Off/Blast Off series. Not sure what I want here. Something secular for sure which makes it a bit difficult. Open to any and all suggestions here.



(Doing this with his 4th and 5th grade sister and brother. We are starting the history rotation fresh as we come back to WTM)

CPO Earth Science (we've done lots of Biology but little Earth Science)

History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients (skipping the History Pockets assignments because we hate them and adding our own projects)



Continue studying Japanese as a family

computer course (computer basics, typing, word processing, spreadsheets, some programming)

piano lessons and music history

Art classes (trying to find these for him, may have to go with a curriculum though, any suggestions? He loves to draw and wants to improves his drawing skills)

Homeschool PE at the Y


So what do you think? Anything I forgot?

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How about a vocabulary program like Vocabulary from Classical Roots? Other than that, looks good to me. I have used Hist Ody L2: Ancients and I have to tell you, it was drrryyy and turned my oldest, who had been a history buff, off to history. Other options are K12 or Oak Meadow (the history is a separate program from the rest).


Atelier Art is a popular art program as is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Kistler's Draw Squad. I have no experience with these, though.


Why are you using Jr AG instead of AG? Just curious as I thought from the website Jr AG was for younger kids while AG was for 7th on up.


The rest looks similar to my plan. I have one who just turned 12 a wek ago, too.



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I'll take a look at Vocabulary From Classical Roots to see if it looks like something we could add to our day.


We actually tried HO when my 7th grader was in 5th grade so I have it in hand. That's how I know those History Pockets ruined it for us, otherwise it was great for us.


Is there anywhere to see samples of Atelier? I looked at the website but I couldn't find any samples. We have and use Draw Squad, Draw Write Now and Drawing with Children.


We are using Jr AG because a) we already have it and we're on a limited budget so it's one less thing for me to buy and b) I figure it can do that this year and I will budget AG into next year's budget and do it over 2 years. I figure using that when we already know we like it is better than no grammar at all or something we don't like just to fill the gap until I can afford AG.


Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. :D

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Looks good to me. I haven't used those curricula, but the content is very similar to our list. The only change I'd consider is dropping the spelling for vocabulary, or fast tracking your SWR so he's in vocab later on. I wouldn't do both at once though.

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Looks pretty good to me, very similar to what I am having my daughter do (also 7th grade). Different curriculum, similar subjects, levels etc. Are you going to integrate Geography with history? My daughter likes Geography so I usually use a separate Geography course with her. She also does various map activities as history projects. You might want to throw some light American History in there. I do sequential World History as well and have discovered it really helps to be studying American History at the same time. Maybe just some historical fiction novels of colonial times or some studying on Presidents or Government documents. My kids love the "Childhood of Famous Americans" books.


Also one gap I discovered in my line up was handwriting. I thought copywork and general writing would be enough at her age. But her cursive letters are starting to lose some of their proper forms. I went ahead and ordered an advanced penmanship book for 7th or 8th graders. I plan to have her work through that. It seems like she could really still use the "see and practice" type exercises.

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