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Lapband questions

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Has anyone had this done or know someone who has? My mom had it done a little over a month ago and has dropped a ton of weight, but I'm concerned about her nutrition. She can't eat much of anything and I'm just not seeing how she's getting enough of the nutritients she needs to function and keep her body healthy. She can't eat any cruciferous veggies, almost no protein (except small amounts of fish), and very little dairy. She drinks mostly water and eats mostly, soups, broiled fish and mushy veggies. No fresh fruits or veggies unless they are cooked mushy. That just doesn't seem like a healthy way to live. It's better than being overweight, yes, but I just don't think she's getting enough nutrients. Am I crazy to worry about this?

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I have a friend who had this done and it changed her life for the better. Your mom just had the srugery, and that food intake sounds 'normal', if normal is a word to use after such a radical procudure. Later, she will be able to eat differently. At this stage, mushy veggies, tiny amounts of protein & water is how it is. (And vitamins). My friend appears quite healthy, and has become very active. It was scary at first to watch, but right now, she is glowing.


I know that some people do regain; there are ways to abuse and regain. My friend doesn't go to the support group because she said there was a lot of talk about how to eat large amounts of food and not be sick. She doesn't want that.


I know it's controversial surgery.

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She lost about 30 lbs. right away (over a couple of months, I'd say), but hasn't changed much since then. I suspect she doesn't eat properly. She has had a LOT of major life stuff going on since then (her beloved dad died, her only child went away to college in another state, and she kicked out her husband of 20 years for no apparent reason), so I'm sure that plays into it.

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