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What Christmas gifts are you getting for your...

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dh, ds (8, 6) and mil and fil? I am terrible at getting gifts for anyone. In fact, I hate buying gifts. That is really my weakness. I just want to get some ideas. What are you getting for your dh, ds and in-laws? Last year I got a gift card for in-laws' favorite Himalayan restaurant. I don't know what to do this year. I give them my wish list: a bigger crockpot to suit my boys' growing appetite.

I desperately need ideas. I already have something for my boys, but not my dh or in-laws.

Thank you!


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My boys are getting Legos, board games, books and golf clubs.


My MIL is getting a g.c. to a salon for a facial or massage. She also likes gc to the garden store. I usually buy her some pretty candles too, and I help the children make her a gift pack (handmade cards, a little craft, pictures of the kids) from the children so that she's got some gifts to open. It might be fun to make a little gift bag for your MIL that has fun little things you might put in a stocking, like lip balm and lotion and a small gc to the bookstore and so on.


I don't have a FIL, so no help there. I usually get my dad a gc to a garden store because he loves to garden.


I have no idea what to get my husband. As a matter of fact, that's why I opened this thread to see if I'd get any ideas.



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Hubby gets nice gloves or slippers he'd never buy for himself, and a calendar with photos of something that interests him (2010 was lighthouses).


For my parents (which are something like MIL/FIL) I got fancy foods they would never spring for: good EVOO, good balsamic vinegar, verjus, Penzey's double strength vanilla.


This stuff is really good for the price. It is so delicious, I sometimes sneak a spoonful on the side. Not vinegary at all. Not quite the 50$ a bottle stuff, but close, close. I got the 6 pack, and gave 4 as presents.


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My mil always tells us they don't need anything, so I try and put together a basket that has things that support those in need. I've gotten coffee from Fair Trade, soap from Ten Thousand Villages and "animals" from Heifer Project. She was thrilled with that last year, will see what I can pull together this year.

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they're all so different.


Hubby bought himself his real present. My husband likes to charcoal grill - so one year for his bd, I got him grilling supplies - some FUN BBQ cookbooks, by pitmaster's etc. some other accoutrements, chicken stand, rib stand, charcoal chimney starter - which he *really* liked 'cause it works fast.


5 yo loves his playmobil nativity so much, I'm getting the playmobil noah's ark (he saw me looking at it online, and his first question was "does it float?":rolleyes:) and extra animals, SPD sensory room supplies, and hubby is buying him a Polar Express engine (it's really for hubby.) Maybe bean bag chairs - sensory and good for watching movies. (I also have to buy his bd present before christmas, as there are few good toys left in january. he's my second january baby, so I'm experienced.)


clothes/travel needs (a watch for one) will be the bulk for my young adult boys, have no clue for my adult girls. though 1dd has been on a roll of apple pie making of late - maybe some baking supplies. my sil's family is into games, so I usually find an interesting one (last year was a star trek video charade type game) - or a DVD with goody :lurk5: pack - with drinks - for muching while watching the movie. I have several great-neices/nephews 4 and under. Thomas or veggie tale videos, puzzles.


I've got to comeup with something special for 3ds5 ss teacher. She has been so incredible with him. Hubby suggested a 2lb box of See's. chocolate is good, but I think that's a bit too many calories. I thought of a gift basket of pampering herself items, with chocolate included.


My brother loves the beef stick/summer sausage, so those are great gift packs. epsecially as he's been unemployed for awhile, and certainly can't afford to buy it for himself.


a custom gift basket perfect for me would be the norwegian-style lox, bagguettes, brie, sparkling peach ? soda ? good chocolates, etc. (hmm, lots of perishable stuff there . . . ) a gift certificate for a massage.


What are the interests of the adults on your list?

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Dh and I don't do Christmas presents anymore. It just seems silly when if we really want something, we can just go get it ourselves, KWIM?

Indy is getting Lego sets (4, including 2 from my mom and dad), board games (2), a DVD, a couple of books and a 2 Wii games.

My mom and step dad are coming for a month for Christmas and our Christmas present to them (other than something small from Indy), will be our trip to Belgium for a2 days, and 2 nights in Garmisch, which we are paying for. We're actually going to Garmisch for a week, but they were only planning to go for 4-5 days (they're paying for the hotel), but we threw in 2 extra days so we could go down to Austria too.


We don't do gifts with the IL's either.

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I am getting legos for my son and a couple of books. He loves Calvin and Hobbes. That's really all he wants. I think a gift card to a nice restaurant is a great idea for the in-laws. Another thing I've done is to have a basket made at Harry & David with all the things I think they'll love. My dh and I don't exchange gifts, so I'm no help there.



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Dh is hard to buy for. If it's hobby-related, than he's particular about the gear. So...


Dh and I have a tradition of picking out a new cologne/perfume for each other. That's about perfect to use up a bottle. Then, I'm looking at a new wall calendar for his office, and a game knick-knack for his desk that vendors/customers can fiddle with. A manipulatable puzzle or a rubix cube or one of those eye-spy tubes filled with beads and little objects.


Parents and in-laws-- doing a gift basket for my parents. Each sister is buying a different restaurant gift certificate. Specialty coffees, candles, etc...

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dh isn't that hard to shop for thank goodness!!

This year I got him what he's been asking for..a PS3 with some particular games :)


As for my ds...he's a toddler but I got him a Melissa and Doug Plush Rocking Horse as well as several other little things :)


For extended family members I've made some jams and jellies!

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I think personalized gifts or gift cards to their favorite restaurant or store is always a good idea. I love getting gift cards!


For dh this year, we are buying the collection of Pixar short movies and the Pixar movies we don't own. He loves Pixar!


When ds was the age of your boys, he loved mechanical K-nex sets as well as mechanical lego sets. He also liked getting his mp3 player so he could download music and stories off the internet.

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This is the first year I have plenty of ideas for DH.


Heavy wool sweater(s)

LL Bean slippers

Various books are always on his list

5-shelf rack for his stereo system

Mini fridge w/freezer for ice, for his office

A large box of Whitman's Samplers


I don't have the money to buy all of it, but at least there are things he needs or wants besides books and candy.

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