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Few questions for D'Nealian Handwriting users (slant print)

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I taught D'Nealian while a ps teacher and had good success with most students. Yes it is supposed to ease the transition to cursive---but I wouldn't pick it for that reason alone. I am using it with dd6 now because it is so ingrained in me that it would be hard for me to learn something new to teach her. FWIW I'm not belaboring the slant part with her, nor did I as a ps teacher--just the proper formation and tail.


The only real con that I am aware of is that it can be difficult for kids with visual/perceptual problems, which is a pretty small percentage of kids. I used D'Nealian with over 200 kids though and they all seemed to do quite well. More than the program you choose-what is most important in teaching handwriting is to expect each letter to be formed correctly after it is taught. I have always taught handwriting right before spelling/phonics, as then it is easy to say that I will check the spelling paper to see that the new letter was written beautifully, and have the child correct them if they are not. Like anything--consistency is key. It is more important to have follow-through in subsequent work than lengthy practice on the handwriting page.

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Although I love the look of D'Nealian letters, and I was attracted by the idea that this style of printing would make the transition to cursive easier, both of our dc struggled with handwriting, and I ended up switching to a simpler, more traditional style of printing.

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I want to hear from those of you who did D'Nealian/slant print please.


Did it help with transition to cursive? Yes


Are you glad you did slant or do you wish you'd have done traditional? Would do it again.


Pros/Cons? No cons, pros are it's easy to teach, do and transition with.


Do you like the outcome? (Do your kids have good handwriting?) The one who does not have mild cp has decent handwriting. The other, it's legible but that's about it.




I taught both when I worked in a private kind. class (last year of a preschool/kind. program), as we grouped them by where they were going to 1st grade. Those doing d'nealean had a much easier time.

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