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Do we need an open-and-go writing supplement?

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Some programs that spring to mind are Writing Strands, Jump-In, Jensen's Format Writing. Any experienced moms with some input?


We loved the IEW theme-based books over the past couple years. Writing got done. This year I've laid out some assignments using the IEW methodology applied to our Canadian History studies. It's working fairly well. However, ds does not necessarily write every day. By grade 9, I'm thinking perhaps he should. And that he would if it were something he could just do without much hand-holding from Mom. I'm tossing around the idea that if he could just grab a workbook and work on some facet of writing, or even just crank out a paragraph (or more) a day on some topic, in between assignments, it might be best.


Just to be clear, my son is not an academic. Programs that he can use mostly independently, such as Megawords, TT, Rainbow Science, seem to work best.


I'd love some input!

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:bigear: bump


So daily writing is a good idea. No specific programs leap to mind? I'm worried that open-ended 'just write about the book you're reading' prompts might get back only blank stares. Though it wouldn't hurt to try, I suppose.


Did I mention I like a LOT of hand-holding? LOL.

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You know, I think it's a good idea to have to come up w/your own writing every now and then. I totally get what you mean about hand-holding though. You can google "writing prompts" or "reading journal" for more ideas. The Well-Educated Mind has good ideas for how to write about books. So does TWTM for that matter... generic questions you can answer about any book. For ex:


Tell me about a character's strengths/weaknesses.

Tell me about the setting.

What happened in the chapter you read?




I would not require it to be so formal, it could be informal, just to be writing something.

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