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Does anyone have your Christmas tree up yet?

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We put ours up in mid-December, although the house is decorated before that (after Thanksgiving). For me, this is too early because we always put our tree up on Christmas Eve when I was a child (my mother is German). DH is an American and he does not like that idea at all.


I have never known anyone who put it up before Thanksgiving.


I know lots of people who are complaining about Christmas music being played now. It's too early. I guess that stores are hoping it will put people in the mood to buy things.

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We put our tree up the night before Thanksgiving, then decorate on Thanksgiving evening.


I have heard quite a bit of Christmas music at the stores, but haven't minded. I'm ready to get 2010 done and over with so I'm, like, "Let's just get on with the holidays!" :tongue_smilie:


We are listening to some Christmas music at home.

1.) We take off the month of December and I wanted to get some Christmas/seasonal poetry and books into our studies so decided last year to start earlier this year.

2.) DS plays a musical instrument. Last year we waited until early December to have him start working on Christmas music. Again - decided last year that he needed to start a few weeks earlier this year.

Combining those two thoughts - we are reading about different Christmas carols, listening to different recordings, then DS is adding that piece into his practice line-up.

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there's one up here :D ~ in dd13's bedroom. the main one - prolly sometime this coming week, as i have to re-arrange the living room first.


i have some lights up out front - put those up..monday? i think it was? and i'm putting some indoor window ones up today.


our thanksgiving was last month. ;)


[i love christmas!]

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Not yet....but I was seriously contemplating it this morning. We usually wait until Thanksgiving weekend, but that weekend is SO hectic that it's no fun trying to rush around pulling out the Christmas stuff. Thurs is Thanksgiving, Friday we go Black Friday shopping and then to family's house, Saturday is our town's lighted boat parade, Sunday is church.


Last year we decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving and I think we'll do the same this year. I'll probably have DH pull everything out of the attic one night this week and we'll fully decorate next weekend.

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I can take the Christmas tree for no more than eight or nine days. I leave it to my guys to decide which days those are. They've sneaked in a bit more time on occasion, but never more than a week before Christmas and never, ever still up on New Year's Day.


I'm not a thorough Scrooge, really! I guess I just don't like changes in my surroundings. Especially big, bulky, sparkly, jingly changes.

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