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Please pray for my dad, he may have a chance for a job!

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My dad has been out of work for over 6 months, and he has been doing little odd and end jobs on the side, his main job right now is doing a paper route. He quit his old job because he wasn't making enough money and went to school for a better chance of getting a good job. He went to school for medical billing/coding and no one has hired him, that was over 6 months ago.


My dad finished high school, but never got a degree from college, so he thinks that's why he can't get a decent job. But he knows that the way the economy is, a college degree means didly squat now :confused:.


He has applied for a new job, somehting he didn't go to school for, it pays pretty good, and he has an almost 98% chance of getting it.


Please pray for him!!!

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