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Do your kids ever act surprised...

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when they taste something you've made and they actually like it? Last night we all sat down to dinner. One of the boys took a bite of the bread I had prepared and proceeded to "ooh" and "aah" about how good it was. He even said, "This is actually really good, Mom!" Then all of the boys, in turn, did the same thing...even the two year old.


It was canned biscuits. Really...? Am I that bad of a cook? LOL :glare:

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Yes, but generally only after threats of bed without dinner, left over dinner for breakfast, lots of tears and wailing.


Then, they squeeze a tiny bite in between clenched teeth - their face lights up and they say "This isn't too bad!"


And then I want to punch them. (Not really, but you KWIM)

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Usually all I get is "this is gross" " I hate this stuff" [insert horrified expression] "eeewwwww!". This is all before said child has even tried the food.


If I didn't have a 13 yo boy steadily eating across the table from me, I would think I was a terrible cook. My dh is kind but honest if something doesn't turn out, but I have one child who will happily eat about 3 things in this world and none of them come from a plant. I have taken to saying "your opinion will not dictate this family's food choices" since we would be terribly unhealthy if it did.


:) This is cute. I'm going to use it.

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This week I fixed eggplant parmesan and everyone but one loved it! Two boys asked for seconds!


(Now this was an easy version of it... roll slices of peeled eggplant in egg, then in bread crumbs, bake 5 min. each side... then layer with sauces and cheese... didn't take much time at all and was SO good!!!)

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Yes. Frequently. :glare:


I finally got so tired of the wailing and bemoaning of fate from ds while I was cooking dinner that I told him if he kept complaining he wouldn't get any. He thought it was great until he realized he wouldn't get anything but bread either. I enforced it once, he contritely apologized and got a plate after everyone else was done (he doesn't like to eat by himself), and now all it takes is asking if he would rather have bread for dinner.


For the record, I make sure he has plenty of healthy food throughout the day.

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