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Christmas gifts for TEEN BOY!

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Gift cards and cash are a safe bet. Most of them are REALLY into music - but now download all of thier music from sites like Amazon - they do have very specific gift cards that can technically be used for anything, but have Mp3 and musical symbols on them. (They can also be printed - great for last minute).

Beyond that, my 14 yo is finally caring what he wears to school - he actually would like brand name hoodies, etc. If he has a favorite football/basketball team - perhaps a hoodie for that team? Or a hat.

A good watch (something like a G-Shock, or similar - not sure of the budget here), books he loves....

We're in a different situation because our 13 and 14 yo's are our kids! So we're probably spending more - but DS 14 is asking for a new watch, a guitar, and an amp for X-Mas. For his b'day we got him a new Mp3 player.

My 13 yo is getting a Nook for his b'day (so he'll leave ours alone), and we have no idea what to get him for Christmas. Perhaps a radio for his room.

Anyway - it gets extremely tough after they out grow Legos!

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If he likes music and has an iPod (you didn't mention music on your list, but it seems most kids that age love it), how about an iTunes gift card? Or, depending on his reading tastes and store availability, a gift certificate to a used bookstore where he lives? I find this more fun than a big-box bookstore and your money generally goes farther, but only if he's got a great used bookstore near him.



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Could you get a wish list from him? My nephew is always happy to give me a list, lol. Examples of things he puts on his list:


iTunes gift card

video games for his game systems

books (these days, he's really into movies, so he's asked for books w/ movie lists, movie reviews, etc...)

dvds of movies or tv series

sometimes a magazine subscription (he used to get Shonen Jump)

gift card to the movie theater


Another idea is a ticket to an event (sports, concert, etc...). This year, ds has really been wanting to go to a 'real' football game, so we've gotten tickets for dh, ds, and my nephew to go very soon after the holidays. It will be a fun surprise for the boys.

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Here is my son's wish list for this Christmas (he is 15 1/2 will be 16 in Jan):


Box of notebooks (spiral)

packets of highlighters

Packets of Sharpie pens

pack of Monster java Irish Cream

Glenn Beck new book

Itune gift card


That is it!!


We are adding Halo game, socks/underware, shirts/pants to the list. We are trying to think of a prank gift to give him. We give prank gifts to different members of the family each year. This year we would love to prank all the kids and I am pranking my hubby!!



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Boys are hardest to buy for. My 15 year old is getting

i tunes gift card

skull candy(?) earbuds

armband for ipod


rubiks cube(the original one)

beef jerky

axe body wash/spray set

this one is strange but he asked for slippers



Other suggestions: gift card for runescape or any other game he might play on line.

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Food. (If he doesn't wear braces, consider a huge tin of flavored popcorn. My teen loves it and will really miss it this year.)


A magazine subscription.


I like the idea of the popcorn tin. My almost 18 year old is impossible to buy for. This will give him something to open. We usually just give him money and stocking stuffers

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I completely agree with PPs. Gift cards!! If you want a more tangible gift:


Run this by his folks first, but we bought our nephew a leatherman multi-tool and he loved it. We have also given all sorts of cool outdoor hiking/camping/hunting gear and he's enjoyed and used them.


Can his folks tell you if he needs anything for his sports or anything else - e.g. under armor athletic shirts for older nephews to wear underneath jerseys, cool sports bag to hold all the equipment, gift card for sports store.

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