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Homemade holiday decor/ornament ideas?

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The clear plastic balls that look like glass can be purchased on sale inexpensively at fabric and art supply stores. Glue on pipe cleaners and googlie eyes and those little soft balls for noses(what are they called?) and you have reindeer! They are really cute.

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We have taken those clear balls and swirled red and green paint inside, too.


One year we were totally broke... I was 8 yrs. old. My mom and oldest brother took acorns with the little tops attaches and painted elf faces and put them all over our tree! It was so cute!!


Popcorn and cranberry strands for tree garland!! They are beautiful!!!


Another year, when I was about 10, my mom took solid red fabric and red gingham fabric and made bows and put them all over the tree! I loved it and I copy her once in a while!

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We just made some decorations yesterday. They aren't for our tree (they are to go in an apothecary jar), but they could easily go on a tree. Get some styrofoam balls (or wad up some newspaper and wrap it in tape to make a ball), and cut strips of old music, books, gift wrap, scrapbook paper, etc. Use Modge Podge or just plain white glue and a brush to glue them around the ball. I used strips about 1.5-2" wide (make sure to cut little slits along the length-about .5" apart so you can flatten them down). It was easy and fun and didn't take long. You can use a small screw hook to hang them or just glue on a piece of thread.

Every year we string popcorn and cranberries for Indy's tree (he has a small tree in his room every year). This is his FAVORITE thing to do every year and he so looks forward to it.

Hang pine cones! You can glue some evergreen bits and cranberries to the top for a little extra zing.

You can cut some words (peace, love, joy) out of old cereal/food boxes (you can print off a fancy font in word and trace them), and cover them in glitter. Very pretty!

Make snowflakes or paper chains from old books or music (this is really pretty). Make little cones from paper (again old books or music look great) and fill them with small bits of evergreen and berries and hang them on the tree.

Paint fake leaves gold or silver and cover them in glitter. You can use real leaves for this too, but it's harder IMO.

Spray paint branches gathered from the yard gold, silver or white and put them in a large vase or urn (put rocks or stuffed newspaper in the bottom to stabilize them). Tie some small bows on the branches. You can also put a little glue on the tips and sprinkle on some glitter (I like glitter for the holidays, can you tell?) for a little extra sparkle.

Glue cinnamon sticks together in small bundles of 3 and tie a ribbon around them to hang on the tree.

Glue cinnamon sticks all the way around a fat candle and tie a ribbon around the middle. This is really pretty and as a bonus it smells really good when it burns.

Make some little birds nests from tiny dollar store grapevine wreaths (or make your own from skinny flexible branches from the yard), put some moss in the middle and glue down some tiny eggs (also available at the dollar store). You can glitter the eggs if you like.

I could go on, but I have to go give Indy a spelling test. :tongue_smilie:


BTW, I should mention that it's more expensive, but the Martha Stewart glitter is the best for holiday projects and a little goes a long way.


Have fun!

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