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A Matter of Magic by Patricia Wrede

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It's been a while since I read any of her books, but I don't recall any issues with "romance" although I think the Magician series has more suspense and danger than the dragons one. Another author she might like if she liked the Dragons series is Tamora Pierce. The Lioness Quartet series deals with a girl who wants to become a knight in a world where women don't become knights. Circle of Magic series is about 4 kids that have unusual magic and learn to deal with it along with each other and their unusual teachers.

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I've not read it... obviously the cover looks more grown-up than the Dragons series, but a book blog review I read awhile back (I fished it out...) didn't make it sound that much more grown-up. A lot of middle grades fiction is getting YA looking covers lately even though the content of the books hasn't really changed. I think it's probably fine.


Has she read Wrede's other series - the one that begins with The Grand Tour? It's very different from the Dragons series, but it's pretty good too. I second the Circle of Magic suggestion above too. Though some of Pierce's other books have content that *might* be a little much for some 9 yos - lots of romances - all handled very mildly, but it's there.


The book I think that's closest in tone to Wrede's dragons series is probably Ella Enchanted. Has she read that one? You could look at Gail Carson Levine's other books too. Or, maybe Shannon Hale, if she's a good reader - though that's more serious.

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