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Possibly moving to CO next year...

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Anyone live around or familiar with the Boulder or Denver areas??


DH will be finished with school next fall, and there are not many jobs locally. We have narrowed it down to several places with Boulder being at the top of my list.


Any input on the areas would be awesome :)


Looking for other APing families/group, HSing groups, holistic resources, stuff to do with kiddos, local housing/economy info, etc....




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You might look down in Colorado Springs. If I was picking a city for hsing, the Springs would be on my list!


We live in Colorado Springs. :)


It's an extremely "homeschool friendly" city, with tons of active support groups, co-ops, etc. to choose from. There are also a few AP groups here. Plus, it's just a great place to live (beautiful surroundings, reasonable cost of living, lots to do).


Let me know if you'd like more info!

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Boulder is a lot more liberal and environmentally conscious, whereas Colorado Springs is quite conservative. Denver is somewhere in between - you'd find both sides.


Most the HS groups in Colorado Springs are Christian based, in Denver there are other beliefs and non-beliefs. I'm not sure about HS groups in Boulder, but it is a lot smaller town so the resources probably aren't as broad.


Boulder and Denver are a bit more expensive, however they also have higher pay. Denver has a ton more stuff to do simply because it is huge. There are lots of museums with excellent kid friendly programs.

Colorado Springs has churches, lots of churches.


Overall, Colorado Springs is prettier than Denver and CS doesn't have a pollution problem.

Boulder is quite awesome too.

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Sigh...so happy for you! I want to move back to CO so very much but it's just not going to happen anytime soon.


We were in Denver, Washington Park area, which is very artsy/urban...tons of stuff to do, especially if you like professional sports! Also, zoos, museums...all the great things about a city.


But if I had to pick, I'd go to Colorado Springs because you get the best of both worlds. Not as expensive as Boulder but it's beautiful, lots of outdoor/nature activities and, because it's bigger than Boulder/smaller than Denver, you get the benefits of a city with the feel of a smaller town. Plus, it's a pretty easy drive to Denver and on the other end, the Collegiate Peak mountains, which are my favorite.


Yep, Colorado Springs. Sigh.

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Thank you!


DH and I are both in the medical field - there are more jobs listed online for him in the Boulder area and then the Denver area. Nothing listed at the moment in Colorado springs. Longmont and Loveland are other ones on the list - which seem to be in btween Denver and Boulder, right?? DH would have to be close to work due to an on-call component of his job.


We are looking for a very green/holistic area. We are secular HSers and would love to find more secular groups in all honesty. It is important to me to be within an hour of musuems, theaters, etc. We'd be renting initially. I don't want to buy until we have been there atleast a year and know we like it... How much does a 2-3 bedroom house/condo generally run?


Honestly...Top priority would be to find GREAT new alt. medical practitioners - acupunturist/chinese med doc, homeopath/kinesiologist, and chiropractor are a MUST have for my son. Finding them will determine exactly where Dh applies and where we end up - it looks like Denver and Boulder would have alot of options in that department.

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Longmont and Loveland are north of Denver and Boulder. Loveland is close to Fort Collins and I think there's a secular homeschool group around there.


Honestly, Boulder sounds like what you're looking for. Particularly for the alternative practitioners and be closer to theater/museums. Longmont is near Boulder and cheaper, I've known people who commute for work/play. The Loveland area might have some alt med., but it would be a bit of a drive to Denver/Boulder for museums or theaters.

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I am so excited for you. My brother lives in Boulder and my parents live in Estes Park- up in the mountains 45 minutes or so from Boulder. It is a great area to live in.


Alternative medicine is hot in the Boulder-Front Range area. It is very outdoorsy. Everyone there is into skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, etc. Boulder is also a college town- lots of interesting educated people there.


Boulder is a little pricey, so the neighboring towns might be cheaper, but I understand medical people sometimes have to live within a certain distance from the hospital. So, you might have to go condo or something. My brother is a realtor in Boulder if you are looking for one.


I go out there and visit all the time. I love it out there. We seriously considered moving there, but the housing was a little expensive and the jobs didn't pay enough to afford much there.


There is another board here where you can try to find some Boulder area homeschoolers. There are lots of secular homeschoolers in Boulder. You should fit right in.


Best wishes.

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Thank you! DH and I have been talking about it, and now our list of places to move consists of Denver and Boulder LOL Weeded out the other state fairly quickly. LOL Boulder seems to fit our lifestyle better, but Denver seems to have more kid friendly activities....Any great towns in between them??


Definitely want to be just outside either major city. Not sure if DH would get a job in Boulder or in Denver...Won't know that until last minute. But need to look into all the surrounding towns to figure out a game plan for each possibility. With a hospital job, he would have to be on-call...so we'd hve to be close. :P I will check out the towns you have alrady suggested. We would only be renting at first, want to get settled and such before committing to buying... I think that DH will likely go out first, finish up the whole gettign a job thing, and find us a nice rental...then come back later (a month?!) to get us and all our junk. :tongue_smilie:

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