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Cybershala? Review?


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I'm thinking about trying Cybershala for ds6. We're are currently doing MM and MEP and he is doing really well, but I feel that he needs some sort of outside guidance and perhaps some responsibility to someone other than me.


He does take co-op classes but they are mostly "fun" classes, nothing that involves any homework or expectations other than having a fun and maybe learning something along the way.


We're doing alright with homeschooling, but lately he seems to only relate to me as "teacher mom" instead of just Mom.


Anyway, I looked into Kumon classes around here, but they are much more expensive than Cybershala. There is also an Aloha math center here, but I'm not really sold on their methods.


I'd like to use Cybershala as a supplement to our math at home. Does anyone else here do this or use it as a stand alone program? How do you feel about the online video style of instruction? Any other thoughts on the program are also very welcome! Thanks!

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did you ever end up using Cybershala along with MM and MEP? This is the same thing I am considering for my dc this year and I wondered how it went. I am trying to figure out how much time the Cybershala Singapore math takes up during the week and how it would work putting it with other maths.

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I think MomofOneFunOne uses Cybershala. You might try PMing her. I did a trial for my son last year and didn't feel it would work for us. The main issues I had were: a) cost; b) the strong accent of the teacher; and c) the small time delay that occurs when speaking online. My son had a real hard time understanding and communicating with the teacher because of b) and c). He may have adjusted to that, but I just wasn't sure that he would.



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