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Biography style essay (cross-post)

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Ds is taking on online course and will have an exam tomorrow. He must write an essay without using notes or prompts (other than what is in his head) - the exam is proctored. He is writing the essay this week and hoping to memorize it (or most of it)


He is writing about Moses. The instructions say that if he chooses a person to write about, the essay should be in biography style. Does a biography style still include an introduction and a conclusion?


His basic structure is this:


Birth and life with Pharaoh's daughter until he kills the Egyptian and flees to Midian (1st paragraph)


Life in Midian, burning bush, confrontation with Pharaoh, until the Hebrews leave Egypt (2nd paragraph)


Life in the Wilderness, 10 Commandments, until they come to the Promised Land (3rd paragraph)


Moses not allowed to enter Promised Land, he views it from Mt. Nebo, and then he dies (4th paragraph)


The essay is supposed to be 500 words. He is already past that without an intro and conclusion. He is being very general in all aspects - not identifying all the plagues, etc. But Moses is a huge subject!


So how does one write a biography style essay in 500 words?!?

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