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Calling All Electronics People

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I would like DH to buy me an e-reader for Christmas for the main purpose of reading PDF children's books to my kids. So, color would be great. I have read the Nook and Kindle don't handle PDFs well, so I was looking at the Sony Touch, which is not color. Then, I came across the PanDigital, which is color. Then, I read about Android tablets and I don't know what I want.


Which device is most suitable for what I want to do with it? Playing games would be nice, but it's not a priority. I never listen to music except in the car, so I don't care about that. Web surfing is OK, but again, I don't really care. I just saw the ToysRUs Black Friday ad and they will have the Android 2.1 tablet for $140.


Which device would be best suited to read PDFs?

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Honestly? Right now I think the only thing that really is a good option for children's books is the iPad. The Nook color might work for you, as long as the smaller screen is okay. The pandigital novel generally hasn't gotten great reviews, so I'd stay clear of it for now.


There are lots of new tablets coming out right now and in the very near future. It might be worth waiting to see what's coming and to do some more research. A good place to get started is on the mobileread forums.


Another thing to keep in mind is that there aren't a lot of color children's books available yet to purchase as ebooks. That is changing too, but it's worth looking at who has them available because it might affect your choice of a reader.

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