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Chalkdust PreCalculus - Chapter 5

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Yes--Chapter Five covers a LOT of material. Dh, a high school math and science teacher, had ds do Ch. 5 slowly and thoroughly. He said it's essential to have a good understanding of that material before going on. So, you're right that it's a challenging chapter.


Ds is on 6.3 right now. The lessons in Chapter Six cover a lot of ground as well. For both chapters, most of the lectures are very long and the lessons include multiple concepts.

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My two oldest finished CD Precalc. Both thought it was the most challenging of the CD courses (Alg. I - Calc. II). The CD rep told me that most students take 1 1/2 years to finish Precalc. It took about that long for them, because of a variety of circumstances.


Here's what they thought of the Precalc chapters.


Ch. P - They skipped this because it was a review of algebra.

Chs. 1-3: Mostly review of Alg. I & I

Chs. 4-6: New stuff; more challenging

Chs. 7-9: Mostly review of Alg. II topics, some new stuff

Chs. 10-11: New stuff; the most challenging

Ch. 12: Limits; this is virtually the same as Ch. 1 of the Calculus book. They skipped this and started Calculus.


If your ds really knows his algebra, trig, and analytic geometry well, he will find calculus easier than precalc.



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