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Spinoff of Integrated Physics and Chemistry

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My son took this last year in public school. I didn't feel integrating them would be as comprehensive as it might have been if he had taken a separate Chemistry course one year and Physics the next. My plan was to order Apologia Chemistry for him this year. Would I be wrong to do this? Should I go ahead and move him up, and if so to what?


Thanks :)

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We are doing Integrated Chem & Physics. It is an introduction to both subjects. It is not meant to replace taking a full course in each. I do think it offers enough Chemistry to help with biology and a great introduction to both topics, allowing more rigorous Chemistry and Physics classes when you get to them.


ETA: No I don't think you would be wrong to skip it if you are doing Apologia Chem & Physics. They are not so difficult as to need an introduction.

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Forgot to answer the actual question!
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