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Quick question: Has anyone tried an Altogether Jingles, Flashcards, Chants Session


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Hi, I wondered how you all do the many "extras" that round out each subject:


SO I am wondering about a 1hr - A Homeschool Extras Session to start each morning...


This would be all 3 kids and me (8th, 5/6th, 2nd). We would all do the Latin daily drills for the oldest kid and anything for the 5/6th that the 8th grader's daily drill didn't cover. Our 2nd grader would get excused halfway or so?


Our English jingles

Maybe our Shurley sentences?

Our Latin daily chants/prayer

Latin flash cards

Science terms

Bible memory

Poetr memory

Math flash cards

Punctuation/capitalization card game

Our geography memory terms

Our math speed drills, flash cards or quartermile drills, oral combinations..

Typing Tutor

etc. etc.


The above are our basic "extras" that we are doing right now. Has anyone ever tried something like this? How did/does it work?


All these odds and ends seem to bury us on some days???


Lisaj, love it if this would work - we could break it in two - do one 20-30min before we start & then one 20-30min after lunch?

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This is what we do. We all meet at a set time, which we just made a little earlier when daylight savings started. We each have identical One Year Bibles and rotate reading a paragraph each till we finish that day's passage. Then we each have a notebook of memory work to practice and the notebooks are all identical. Each memory piece is inserted into a sheet protector since we use them so much. Right now it includes our Shurley Jingles, some sizzle bops bc/ I just learned about those on this forum so added one and will add more as we learn each, the Preamble, a blank map of the US inserted into a plastic sheet protector which we label daily with states and capitals as we listen to Kathy Troxel's cd, a blank map of the continents (ditto), the Pledge, the Lord's Prayer, Apostles Creed, and our poetry for the year, and I can't remember the rest. Oh yes, it has art prints in it too. And scripture memory.


After we review, we all do handwriting and listen to our hymn of the month at the same time. We add a verse a week. We have cd's of them, but a really fun thing we began is to find them on Grooveshark too and put them in our Grooveshark playlist. That has been very fun bc/ we now listen to Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful whereas before it was this cheesy version from a kid cd.


Oh - we also found out that 2 of our Christina Rossetti poems were put to music as hymns. So now we listen to them too! One has a Jars of Clay version and we found a hysterical video for it on youtube. It is "Love Came Down at Christmas".


All of this has made our year so "successful" in terms of memory work. Now all of us know most of this 100%. We are soon to add in the Presidents using the genevieve foster song, and the Declaration.


We do a lot of work together now. Even the 5 y.o. is in for most of it and yells out, "direct object," as we classify sentences on the white board for MCT. Totally fun!


Edited to say - we do our Latin review during Latin time. We just listen to the cd as we color the pictures off of the headventure website and then do 1 new page in the workbook. I guess we could add flashcard style review for this and AAS at the beginning of the day. Hmmm...

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How long do you think it takes you, walkermama?


I am guessing it would take us at least an hour (which is okay) but I fear 1.5+ hours? I definitely would like to do everything together. My youngers got huge benefits from doing the Latin daily drills with their highschool sibs 2-3 years ago.


I feel like after we worked through this memory work, the other subjects would be closer to 30-40 minutes and we'd just breeze through them!


This idea has me very excited! :hurray: :001_smile:




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Yes, we call it our memory work time. I like to call them vocabulary cards. I tell my son that each subject has its own vocabulary and it would be wise to learn it. For math we have flashcards that say addend plus addend, and then another one that says sum, and so on. One day he matches the right cards together, and on another day I may just have him tell me what addend plus addend equals, or what minuend minus subtrahend equals. On another day we may play Memory with our cards. As we move along in our subjects, the amount of cards continues to grow.


We also have these cards for English, and we now have them for science and social studies. They are basic facts like, "What is an archipelago?" Or "What is an island?" Again, we may do them one way on one day, and a totally different way on another. We use plain index cards for this.


It has totally helped my son so much and it also helps build up his memory skills and he thinks it's fun, more like a game. It only takes mere minutes before we start up each new subject.




Dee :)




We do this for Bible, Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.

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Ours doesn't take an hour, but maybe bc/ we have not implemented a good review system yet. I need to instill that! I printed mnemosyne for our notebooks and need to just start that. I bet we take close bc/ we keep adding in more and more. I'll have to time it. Plus, we do some of it in with the subjects instead of in this memory time. But our total day is very long - about 6 hours or more sometimes. Still, we are all learning tons and having a good time of it.

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Ours takes an hour and a half and is the bulk of our school time (my kids are still little) and content. I also do some reading aloud, so that adds about 30 minutes to the memory work period. We use the SCM/Mnemosyne system for our memory work review, so we have Daily, Odd/Even, Weekly, and Monthly tabs to work through. Don't have much in monthly yet. Here's our general routine:




Apostle's Creed

Hymn (daily tab)


Hymn (odd/even tab)


Hymn (weekly tab)


Hymn (monthly tab - don't have much here yet)

Skip counting

Other (seasonal, etc.)

Read alouds (poetry, nursery rhymes, Burgess Bird Book)


I imagine this will be 2 hours when we add in Latin chants, etc.

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This week, we have incorporated most of the chants, etc. It is working well and currently only taking about 40 minutes - I want to add more tho because this is totally "freeing up" the rest of the day.


This weekend I can post our list if anyone is interested.


My 5th grader can "keep up" with the 8th grader in anything if necessary and my 8yo 2nd grader get so much benefit from his older siblings' oral work...


I have also moved morning devotions to immed. after breakfast and before chores, this is helping too. It seems like eating, then devotions puts everyone more into a "we're working" mode, rather than a "we're still waking up mood", so the chores are getting done better too! (I am thinking of expanding our lunch hour to move chores to after lunch (i.e. before "recess" as an additional motivator/stress reducer. Chores are easily the biggest stresser here at my house - well maybe messing around during school - not sure there?)


But, I wanted to add that I first got this idea as I examined Classical Conversations this summer. I really liked most of the ideas of CC; but didn't find it a very good match for my current homeschooling goals and materials were were using!


Thanks !

Lisaj, mom to 5; one graduated & in college; one in private Christian High school (first ever) and three homeschooling gr 2,5,8

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Can I add a question here? I was on the sizzlebob site and copied/pasted them all onto 1 page. But, if I am instituting use of the mnemosyne 3 ring binder for these, shouldn't I actually be printed 1 per page, learning it in a week, then moving it to the Even tab and adding the next one to daily? if I do that, we also want to learn the catechism. But I'd have 160 pp just for having one per page! Doesn't it get unwieldy? Just thinking ahead... Maybe future memory work goes into a file folder instead of into this notebook.

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I'm not sure what Catechism you use. We use the Catechism for Young Children which is based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. We do our catechism memory in "chunks" of 3-8 questions or so (for example we start with 1-4, then 5-11, then 12-18, ...) . I went through and separated pages this way.


I also do my memory work binders a little differently. We have a "what" binder and a "when" binder. I have 3 children working on the same content at different paces, so I made a chart that goes in the "when" binder that is separated like Mnemosyne/SCM that has places for all children for Bible, Hymn, Poetry, and Catechism. Then I just move things by writing them in the next chart as appropriate (rather than physically moving the page). This can get a little cumbersome, but 2 folders that work together is better than 3 individual folders with the same content.


So, in my content binder, I use page protectors to hold the pages (two per protector) and index tabbies to show the question numbers. I also use the post-it tabs to make it quick to flip to their current memory work (even though it is noted in the when notebook).


This system has worked beautifully this year (we started in January and today is our last "scheduled" school day for the year! Yay!)

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