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Need ideas for a 16yog to entertain another...

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This sort of thing is very, very hard for my dds too -- the making cookies sounds good because they're actually doing something.


Do you have anything that needs to be cleaned/organized/planned/sorted/etc? Something that allows side-by-side work with continual conversation not required. Sort of like parrallel play that preschoolers do? :lol: How about yard work?


Interacting with younger ones -- playing something with them or organizing something for them: treasure hunt, relay race, obstacle course?


Hope the day isn't too painful! :)

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The boys took off immediately and had a blast. (No surprise, but YAY!) The girls hung out with us and we included them in our conversation. My dd has SUCH a hard time with this; she's been nervous for a few days.


Did the girls have fun? I'd say it was pleasant enough. Dd stuggles more than others over social things. At 16, I know I would have hated my mom for putting me in the same situation. I'm thankful that my dd has a very different attitude than I did. I'm hoping that next time dd will be a little more comfortable making a plan ahead of time, now that the two girls have met.


(Lee, every time I see your name, I still think of you in AZ. I hope that you enjoy VA as much as we do. We moved here from CO three years ago, loved CO and love it here too.)

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